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Your Path To Success Is Simple
It's Time to Take Action

Step 1: Dream

Now it's time to begin fulfilling your dream. The Dream Stage of business development is a critical period that is often overlooked. It involves far more than painting rosy pictures, you may have skipped essential parts of the process. We recommend everyone start here by assessing your business. We believe women can be successful entrepreneurs + CEOs...AND balance our ambition with more ease, freedom, and abundance.

Step 2: Plan

Build a solid foundation with structures you'll use everyday in your business. The old adage "measure twice and cut once" applies to constructing your business as much as to constructing a new home. LeadHER Academy will guide you to anticipate the challenges ahead and design the structures you'll need for your business. In this phase of your business planning, you will create blueprints, procedures, and templates. You and your team will implement and use them everyday for your business. And they will be a critical element to help things run smoothly when you think you're too busy to do anything other than sell and deliver solutions or products to your customers.

Step 3: Define

Fine tune your business and maximize performance. After all the work of planning and dreaming up your business, it's tempting to take a break, relax, and admire the work you've done. The reality is that you've now only just begun! The business courses set you up for the Optimize Stage and will actually bring fun to your experience as an entrepreneur. In this stage of business development, you fine tune your business to maximize performance You'll also discover how to make the most of the perks that come with being a business owner. And you'll learn how to make the business work for you, rather than you working for the business.

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